All we want is Love

All we want is 

Why is it so hard to find?

Because we are used to fear, as our natural feeling. We fear for tomorrow, yesterday and today….For what now if….things went wrong.
Fear is a thought that make us feel there is not enough. That we can lose.
But instead, in fear we lose ourselves. We lose our compassion. We turn into ugly creature, reacting as a threatened predators

Fear grows fear.
Love grows love

Take a moment to think about all the small and big moments of kindness you’ve shared with another…..A smile, a look, a kind action, a kind word with near ones and strangers…
See how many times you’ve actually shared something meaningful with another person and touched the healing power of kindness, friendliness, love.


Love is an ever-present source that never runs out. It embraces everything, it contains everything, it heals everything.

Love is everywhere, if you dare to look for

14 February 2018


We are always trying to achieve things, make a difference, chase dreams or set ourselves up for the future.
We feel an unproductive day is a wasted day.

Step off the treadmill for a moment and simply BREATHE. Instead of chasing the world, try to relax and watch it go racing by.
It is OK to have days where the only thing we have done is BREATHE.

9 December 2017pexels-photo-556663.jpeg

What that matters most

pexels-photo-356319.jpegWhat is there in your !

Jim Carrey once said that all you have achieved and want to achieve in life will rot and fall apart, all that will be left of you is what is in your heart.
Steve Jobs said on his death bed that the true wealth is the one that is in his heart. All the material wealth he had achieved in his life seemed meaningless to him now.

The formula of achieving happiness has driven our world for a long time. We continuously perform, deliver, gain and accomplish every second of our life. But it is the righteous formula???
Just stop for few seconds, look around and think about what happiness is for you…

Happiness is here and now. Happiness lives in our heart, not in our performance. It is important to stop looking at your present as a mere means of achieving happiness in the future. Instead try to have a loving and close relationship with this moment (present) as it is.

You have to see the present as a place and an opportunity for being here (for yourself and for others), for life, for love and for all that is here right now.
This is how love grows in the heart

In the end, that matters is what is there in your

17 November 2017


tree-sea-grass-nature-451855.jpegWe are all the leaves of one tree,
We are all the waves of one sea”…

We are all guilty of splitting ourselves into imaginary groups, such as religions, teams we support, places we work, schools we attend.

Riti, 24 May 2017

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I have never thought I am a writing type person or I would open a blog but here I am…I As someone has already said, Life is full of surprises and and serendipity. Being open to unexpected turns in the road is important.  If we try to plan every step, we may miss those wonderful twists and turns.

In last one year time, I have scribbled few times and saved it. And today, I am planning to share those…

Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected.

Faith Sullivan



One of the blessings of celebrating a birthday is that I am reminded to appreciate just being alive. I become much more grateful for those little moments than I ever was as a younger me
It truly makes me happy to get to be alive yet another year. Growing a bit older every day seems to be the only way to continue to be alive
Birthdays are good for your health. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest. Larry Lorenzoni
When we came to this world, no one promised us a certain number of years, months or days to live. No one is more entitled to a longer lifespan than anyone else…..
No amount of attachment to goals, well constructed plans for the future or achievements assures us longevity. Neither does eating organic, taking five supplements every morning, running or meditating – but We do it anyway….
I would like to believeit is for the sake of daily wellbeing
1 Feburary 2018